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Prayer Chain

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Please remember in your prayers the following...


Eva Anderson
Betty & Bert Atchley
Shirley Babcock
Venice Beason
Blanche Hawks
Bea Householder
Garrett & Judy Hudgins
Elsie Huffman
Gwynn Lancaster
Merle Prillaman
Virginia Porter
Nancy Sams
Aileen St. Clair
Denise Tedder
Joe Wingate


Phyllis Gibson
Marvin Gilliam
Glenn & Doris Thomas
Gene Tuttle
Fred Weaver
Mark White


John Birckhead: Robert Rice, friend; Sarah Birckhead, Daughter-in-Law

Diane & Ron Bowles: Cacey Giltner, grandson

Mark Bryant: Peggy & Lyndell Bryant, elderly parents

Ike & Betty Carper: Jean Collins, (friend's mother) cancer; Misty Keeney and family, friend, (brain surgery to remove a tumor)

Bob & Sandra Collins: Bob Sisk, friend

Michelle Fines: James Brooks, father, (broken hip, dementia) & Sandra Brooks, mother

Phyllis Gibson: Gloria Bailey, sister, (throat cancer)

Dennis & Jo Anne Goad: Jill Jenkins, (cancerous brain tumor)

Bruce Hall: Charlie, grandson, (cancer)

Merle Hash: Rosalie Turner, (esophageal cancer)

Mendi & Stephen Keatts: Herbert Walker, uncle, (reoccurring cancer); Michelle Panyik, friend, (breast cancer)

June Lawlor: Earnest Bushnell, Miller Roofing (motorcycle accident)

Karen Lavinder: Ernest Waggoner, 90 yr old friend, (bad fall: brain bleed); Gail Deighton, friend, (heart surgery)

Ray & Nicole Martin: Rev. Don Baldwin, friend, (double by pass heart surgery then a kidney transplant); Evelyn Graham, sister-in-law, (cancer);
Richard LaPradd, cousin's husband, (stage 4 cancer)

Max McCorkle: Don DeKing, brother-in-law, (brain surgery); Jennifer Rickard, daughter of long time friend, (colon cancer); Julie & family, daughter

Molly's sister-in-law, (breast cancer)

Helen Meredith: Bernard Atwood, (leukemia)

Cecil Mullins: Elmo Warner, Cecil's stepdad, (surgery complications from colon cancer

Kim Newcomer: Madison Rose, liver transplant & father passed; Clarence Wolff, brother, (kidney transplant); Wanda Hayes, friend, (cancer)

Patty & Bill Pope: Norm, Bill's father, (lung cancer surgery); Price family, Stephenie Motz, (brain & spinal cancer); Jennie Rook, fellow teacher, (ovarian cancer); Terri English, cousin's wife, (MS); Tom, friend, (cancer)

Jean Ridenhour: Joan Bareford, Shane Gaking, Betty McAdory, friend; Lois Trent, Alzheimer's)

Greg Roberts: Diana Olmstead, sister, (breast cancer)

Janet Shelden: Susan Kapr, daughter, (knee replacement)

Janet Speight: Larry Hylton, son-in-law, (cancer)

Randy Spencer: Peggy, his mother, on respirator with fluid on her lungs

Glenda Steffek: Virginia, friend, (stage 4 liver cancer)

Gene Tuttle: Kevin Tuttle, son

Steve & Vicki Turner: Rhonda Gum, sister-in-law, (ovarian cancer)

Dotty Weaver: Fred, husband, (1st of two knee replacements)

Tom Williams: Loretta, wife, back surgery

Marvin Willis: Earl Aldridge, nephew, (cancer)

Diane & Curtis Wood: Betty Wood, Curtis' mother, (back surgery)


Ben Babcock, Shirley Babcock's grandson Troy Hudgins, Elmer & Judy Hudgins' grandson

Joel Barnes, Dianne Barnes' son

Troy Clayborn, Phyllis Gibson's great granddaughter's husband

Lain Diehl, Mendi and Stephen Keatts' son

Troy Hudgins, Elmer & Judy Hudgins' grandson

Matthew Hylton, Janet Speight's grandson

Timothy Sherman, Jennifer Elliott's brother
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