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Prayer Chain

Please remember in your prayers the following...


Eva Anderson
Betty & Bert Atchley
Shirley Babcock
Venice Beason
Bea Householder
Garrett & Judy Hudgins
Eleanor Hudson
Elsie Huffman
Helen Meredith
Merle Prillaman
Virginia Porter
Nancy Sams
Aileen St. Clair
Denise Tedder
Joe Wingate


Phyllis Gibson
Janet Speight
Glenn & Doris Thomas
Gene Tuttle
Fred Weaver
Mark White


John Birckhead: Robert Rice, friend; Sarah Birckhead, Daughter-in-Law

Vicki Borton: Allan & Anna Blankenship, friends, (Allan having seizure like issues)

Diane & Ron Bowles: Cacey Giltner, grandson

Mark Bryant: Peggy & Lyndell Bryant, elderly parents

Ike & Betty Carper: Misty Keeney and family, friend, (brain surgery to remove a tumor)

Bob & Sandra Collins: Bob Sisk, friend

Michelle Fines: James Brooks, father, (broken hip, dementia) & Sandra Brooks, mother

Phyllis Gibson: Gloria Bailey, sister, (throat cancer)

Dennis & Jo Anne Goad: Jill Jenkins, (cancerous brain tumor)

Bruce Hall: Charlie, grandson, (cancer)

Merle Hash: Rosalie Turner, (esophageal cancer)

Mendi & Stephen Keatts: Herbert Walker, uncle, (reoccurring cancer); Michelle Panyik, friend, (breast cancer)

Karen Lavinder: Nathan Galbreath, father, (broken elbow, sprained back)

June Lawlor: Earnest Bushnell, Miller Roofing (motorcycle accident)

Ray & Nicole Martin: Rev. Don Baldwin, friend, (double by pass heart surgery then a kidney transplant); Evelyn Graham, sister-in-law, (cancer); Richard LaPradd, cousin's husband, (stage 4 cancer)

Max McCorkle: Don DeKing, brother-in-law, (brain surgery); Jennifer Rickard, daughter of long time friend, (colon cancer); Julie & family, daughter Molly's sister-in-law, (breast cancer)

Cecil Mullins: Elmo Warner, Cecil's stepdad, (surgery complications from colon cancer

Kim Newcomer: Madison Rose, liver transplant & father passed; Clarence Wolff, brother, (kidney transplant); Wanda Hayes, friend, (cancer)

Patty & Bill Pope: Norm, Bill's father, (lung cancer surgery); Price family, Stephenie Motz, (brain & spinal cancer); Jennie Rook, fellow teacher, (ovarian cancer); Terri English, cousin's wife, (MS); Tom, friend, (cancer)

Jean Ridenhour: Joan Bareford, Shane Gaking, Betty McAdory, friend; Lois Trent, Alzheimer's)

Greg Roberts: Diana Olmstead, sister, (breast cancer)

Janet Shelden: Susan Kapr, daughter, (knee replacement)

Janet Speight: Larry Hylton, son-in-law, (cancer)

Randy Spencer: Peggy, his mother, on respirator with fluid on her lungs

Glenda Steffek: Virginia, friend, (stage 4 liver cancer)

Gene Tuttle: Kevin Tuttle, son

Steve & Vicki Turner: Rhonda Gum, sister-in-law, (ovarian cancer)

Dotty Weaver: Fred, husband, (1st of two knee replacements)

Tom Williams: Loretta, wife, back surgery

Diane & Curtis Wood: Betty Wood, Curtis' mother, (back surgery)


Ben Babcock, Shirley Babcock's grandson

Troy Hudgins, Elmer & Judy Hudgins' grandson

Joel Barnes, Dianne Barnes' son

Troy Clayborn, Phyllis Gibson's great granddaughter's husband

Lain Diehl, Mendi and Stephen Keatts' son

Matthew Hylton, Janet Speight's grandson

Timothy Sherman, Jennifer Elliott's brother

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We would love to pray for you.
Your request will be lifted up in prayer and please know that God answers prayer.

As you receive answers to your prayer, consider returning to this site to share a word of thanks to God for answered prayer.

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