Prayer Chain

Please remember in your prayers the following...


Shirley Babcock
Marie Bright
Jim & Phyllis Gibson
Blanche Hawks
Garrett & Judy Hudgins
Elsie Huffman
Nancy Sams


Pat Ballard
Ed Conner
Bill Foreman
Merle Hash
Al & Connie Saladiner
Martha Smith
Sabrina Wood


Mike & Vicki Akers: Delores Miller, Vicki’s mother, (respiratory issues); Richard Blackburn, (classmate), prostate cancer.

Alda Bower: Tamara Watson, friend, (breast cancer)

Betty Carper: Vicky Hanks, friend, (liver issues)

Michelle Fines: James Brooks, father, (dementia) & Sandra Brooks, mother

Bill Foreman: Cleston Nester, brother-in-law, (throat & Liver cancer chemo for 9 months)

Jim & Phyllis Gibson: Gloria Bailey, sister, (cancer); Shae Read, daughter, (stage 4 cancer)

Bruce Hall: Charlie, grandson, (cancer)

Sam & Patti Hollingsworth: Ryan, son, (testicular cancer)

Bill & Nancy Hughes: Nancy Rowe, Aunt, (stomach cancer)

Shirley Klinger: Angela Davis, niece, (cancer)

Barry & Karen Lavinder: Cindy Spritz Edwards, friend, (medical issues & tests); Conrad Lavinder, brother; Carol Eichelmann, friend, (endometrial cancer)

Jean Lawrence: Cindy Jones, past co-worker, (cancer)

Max McCorkle: Julie & family, daughter Molly’s sister-in-law, (breast cancer)

Frances Mullins: Nancy, mother, (recovering from Covid, lost home in fire)

Allen Nichols: Bill Nichols, father, (spine surgery in rehab); Jimmy, brother, (diabetic health complications)

Ginny Oyler: Donna Conner, Aunt, (declining health)

Patty & Bill Pope: Stephenie Motz, (brain & spinal cancer); Jennie Rook, fellow teacher, (ovarian cancer); Tom, friend, (cancer)

Jean Ridenhour: Nadine Ponting; Frank & Nelda Forbes; Kevin Tuttle; Jim Ridenhour

Sara Southers: Shirley Southers, mother-in-law,(mini-strokes, she’s 85yrs old)

Janet Speight: Larry Hylton, son-in-law, (cancer)

Doris Thomas: Denise Tedder, daughter, (surgery: shunt in brain to relieve fluid)

Loretta B. Williams: Tom, husband

Brenda Wilson: Gloria Jean Gleason, cousin, (leukemia); Lila Housden, a friend of their son, (stage 3 kidney disease)

Diane & Curtis Wood: Benton Wood, 93 yrs, Curtis' father, (hospice care); Susan Conn, neighbor, (cancer); Scott Burton, friend, (serious health issues);

Sabarina Wood: Father-in-law, (broken arm); Teresa & Carl, cousin’s husband, (paralyzed from waist down with chronic bedsores, serious antibiotic resistant infections)

"Under His wings you will find Refuge." Psalms 91:4


Ben Babcock, Shirley Babcock's grandson

Joel Barnes, Dianne Barnes' son

Troy Clayborn, Phyllis Gibson's great granddaughter's husband

Lain Diehl, Mendi and Stephen Keatts' son

Matthew Hylton, Janet Speight's grandson

Dustin Taylor Fines Jr, Jeremiah Fine’s nephew

Jeremy Painter, Jean Ridenhour's great niece's dad

Eric Gonzalez, Jean Ridenhour's great niece's husband

Timothy Sherman, Jennifer Elliott's brother well as the men and women, and their families, serving in the military all over the world.

If you have a prayer request(s) on the prayer list, please email or call the church office to give us updates on the people you asked us to put on the list. We will remove any names that are not lifelong issues in four months from the date they were added. If you want these names back on the list, contact the church office.
Thank you.